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Christian Vey


The French artist Christian Vey defines himself as a "self-taught painter". Indeed, at the age of 26 on a rainy day in Brittany he discovered painting at an art gallery. He experienced an intense emotional response and immediately decided to dive into the practice of maiking artistic creations. Reconnecting with the world of emotions, when the artist makes his artwork he feels the sensations of movement, speed, instantaneity, and spontaneity, which are so dear to him. Wanting to “see things to their end," Christian Vey considers using colour, the symbol of energy, as the raw material for his work.
He is a music enthusiast and loves jazz more specifically, which he appropriates in this world and translates into painting, with strokes, lines, and dashes. Much like a musician playing his sheets of music, the painter deploys his world, populated with artists, women and crowds moving about, in his compositions, which lie somewhere between abstraction and figuration.
On the background of music, his characters move about, much like the artist himself who travels between Vienna, New York and New Orleans. He uses a knife to apply the oil paint, which compels it to incarnate the fleetingness and dynamism of movement. Christian Vey captures the urban jungle, musicians playing on a stage, women with wind in their hair, the energy of life, of beauty, of creation, with a gesture that is free, carried away, inhabited and full.

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