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Kerstin Carolin Beyer


Since my very young childhood I was very interested in and surrounded by artwork due to my mother who was artist and arts teacher.

Travel experiences are very important in my art work. My activities are in: Painting, Collage, Sculpture and Photography as well. In 1989 I moved to Brussels, where I focused on painting and photography, and in 1999 to Madrid with my family.

Some years later I started joining classes of art with Martina Schmieder and later on with Carlos Fortunato – classes which I continue and enjoy until today. Further on I became a distance student with Wiesbadener Freie Kunstschule in arts, drawing and painting. The direct exchange with the director who accompanies my work is always challenging. Lately I got associated to Johnny Cool Art Gallery and collaborating in art fair projects with Eka & Moor Art Gallery, responsible for international relationships. The two of them are based in Madrid.

I always was inspired by the amazing nature, structures and colors of wood, steel, and other materials and by the interaction of people.

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